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Sigma Delta Tau’s core values are individuality, connection, engagement, and community. Our purpose as a chapter is to encourage our sisters to be their true selves by creating a welcoming atmosphere in which sisters can thrive in their most authentic selves. Our deep sisterly bonds and connections are what makes being apart of sigma delta tau so meaningful and special. Here at the Omega Chapter, we pride ourselves on holding true to these values and watching our sisters succeed through love, support, and pushing them to reach their fullest potential.


Sigma Delta Tau has given me sisters that make moving across the country seem not so far.

Rebecca Klein, Sophmore

I love Sigma Delta Tau because it's incredibly accepting. All of the girls are unapologetically themselves, creating such a fun and loving enviorment.

Anna Ross, Sophmore

I found my roomates, bestfriends, and sisters for life through Sigma Delta Tau. It has brought me closer to so many new people I feel fortunate to have in my life.

Abby Saxe, Sophmore